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GRI launches new biodiversity standard

For the first time in over sixteen years, at the request of its stakeholders, GRI has published a major update to its Biodiversity Standard.

Setting a new global benchmark in accountability for biodiversity impacts, GRI 101: Biodiversity 2024 supports organizations around the world to comprehensively disclose their most significant impacts on biodiversity, throughout their operations and value chain.

Enabling companies to meet growing demands from multiple stakeholders for information on biodiversity impacts, the GRI Biodiversity Standard delivers:

  • Full transparency throughout the supply chain – often where the most significant impacts on biodiversity can go under reported.
  • Location-specific reporting on impacts – including countries and jurisdictions, with detailed information on the place and size of operational sites.
  • New disclosures on the direct drivers of biodiversity loss – covering land use, climate change, overexploitation, pollution and invasive species.
  • Requirements for reporting impacts on society – including those on communities and Indigenous Peoples, and how organizations engage with local groups in the restoration of affected ecosystems

Annelisa Grigg of Global balance was delighted to support the development of this standard as a member of the multi-stakeholder technical committee that helped provide scientific and technical input into its design.

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Photo Credit: Stuart Butchart